The Moon Bridge

Date: 1930Composer: Florence PriceText: Mary Rolofson Gamble

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Moon Bridge

The moon like a big, round ball of flame
Rose out of the silver bay,
And built a bridge of golden beams,
Where the fairies came to play.

I saw them dancing in jewel’d robes
On the wavelet’s rhythmic flow,
And I long’d to stand on the magic bridge,
In the moonlight’s mystic glow.

But over the sky a veil of mist
Thin, soft as a web of lace,
Was drawn, then parted, then came again,
With easy, coquettish grace.

And the moon put on a somber mask,
And frowned on the rippling wave,
And the beautiful bridge went under the sea,
Nor a beam could the fairies save!

I wonder’d if this would end their play,
And if, as the bridge went down,
They would lose their jewels so frail and fair,
And their queen her diamond crown!

But they glided away in merry mood,
To their home in the rosetree’s bowers,
And there they danced on the dewy grass,
Till the “wee sma” morning hours.

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Voice Type: Medium/High

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