Celebrating 250 years of American Song

Inviting performers, educators, and all lovers of song to explore connections between poetry and music, between history and culture, through the work of American composers and poets

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Search through hundreds of composers, poets and writers—and thousands of songs—to experience American culture through this art form which sets poetry to music.

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Our comprehensive selection of resources and lesson plans will help any educator incorporate classic song—poetry set to music—into subjects that they already teach, from English literature to American history to Music and Performing Arts.

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Get involved with Song of America! From attending nationwide events, to submitting your news articles, there are many ways to support American song, and the stories that they teach us.

Upcoming Events

Rappaport Hall
Haifa, Israel

Thomas Hampson Concert

Includes a performance of Aaron Copland's "Old American Songs"

Terrace Theater
Washington D.C.

Vocal Arts DC: Angel Blue Recital

Program to include selections by W.A. Mozart, Richard Strauss, Sergei Rachmaninov, Jake Heggie, and Bruce Adolphe, as well as zarzuela arias and spirituals arrangements

Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Boston, MA

Castle of Our Skins: Ode to Hayes

Castle of our Skins is excited to honor legendary singer Roland Hayes as part of the Front Porch Arts Collective and Lyric Stage Company of Boston's production of Daniel Beaty's "Breath and Imagination". The celebration will include spirituals and art songs championed by Hayes and a world premiere created by youth.

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