Sence You Went Away

Composer: John Rosamond JohnsonText: James Weldon Johnson

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    Sence You Went Away
    by James Weldon Johnson

    Seems lak to me de stars don’t shine so bright,
    Seems lak to me de sun done loss his light,
    Seems lak to me der’s nothin’ goin’ right,
    Sence you went away.

    Seems lak to me de sky ain’t half so blue,
    Seems lak to me dat ev’rything wants you,
    Seems lak to me I don’t know what to do,
    Sence you went away.

    Oh ev’ything is wrong,
    De day’s jes twice as long,
    De bird’s forgot his song
    Sence you went away.

    Seems lak to me I jes can’t he’p but sigh,
    Seems lak to me ma th’oat keeps gittin dry,
    Seems lak to me a tear stays in my eye
    Sence you went away.

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