The End of a Season

"The End of a Season" sets a poem of Dana Gioia from his 1986 volume Daily Horoscope. The song, composed by Michael Rickelton, is for soprano and piano.

Date: 2010Composer: Michael RickeltonText: Dana Gioia

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The End of a Season
by Dana Gioia

I wanted to tell you how I walked tonight
down the hillside to the lake
after the storm had blown away
and say how everything suddenly seemed so clear
against the sparkling, rain-soaked streets
cold and bright as starlight.

I wanted to wake you up, despite the hour,
and drag you out into the dark
crisp air to feel the end of winter,
the cold we cursed so long
slipping away–and suddenly so precious
now that it was leaving.

But there is no one to come back to now,
only the night, its wind and rain, the chill
magnificence of its borrowed light,
the touch of this impossible season.



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