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Years of the Modern

William Bolcom

Walt Whitman

Song Collection: A Walt Whitman Triptych


Lori Laitman

Song Collection: In Sleep the World is Yours

Yes, What?

David Leisner

Robert Francis

Song Collection: Outdoor Shadows

Yet Do I Marvel

Tom Cipullo

Countee Cullen

Song Collection: Climbing: Poems by African-Americans

Yet Do I Marvel

Adolphus C. Hailstork

Countee Cullen

Yet Gentle Will the Griffin Be (What Grandpa Told the Children)

Jake Heggie

Vachel Lindsay

Song Collection: Songs to the Moon

You And Me

Lori Hicks


You Came as a Thought

James Laughlin

Song Collection: Viva Sweet Love

You Got to Reap What You Sow

William Levi Dawson


You Laggards There on Guard!

Jeremy Gill

Walt Whitman

Song Collection: Whitman Portrait

You Scream

Jake Heggie

Galway Kinnell

Song Collection: From 'The Book of Nightmares'

You Won't Find a Man Like Jesus

Florence Price


Your Dog Dies (op. 80, no. 1)

Lowell Liebermann

Raymond Carver

Song Collection: Six Songs on Poems of Raymond Carver, op. 80

Your Eyes So Deep

Henry T. Burleigh

James Weldon Johnson

Song Collection: Passionale

Your Girl

Mark Abel

Mark Abel

Song Collection: The Dark-Eyed Chameleon

Your Lips are Wine

Henry T. Burleigh

James Weldon Johnson

Song Collection: Passionale

Your Little Hands

Simon Sargon

Samuel Hoffenstein

Song Collection: Take Five

Youth Sings of Rosebuds

Dorothy Rudd Moore

Countee Cullen

Song Collection: Sonnets on Love, Rosebuds and Death

Youth, Day, Old Age & Night

Jonathan Clarke Schwabe

Walt Whitman

Song Collection: A Clear Midnight

Youth, Day, Old Age and Night

Jonathan Bailey Holland

Walt Whitman


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