Sunday Night in Santa Rosa


"Sunday Night in Santa Rosa" is the third and final song of Beth Anderson's song cycle Dark Songs for mezzo soprano, contralto, and piano.

The score is available from the composer by writing to: [email protected]

Sunday Night in Santa Rosa
by Dana Gioia

The carnival is over. The high tents,
the palaces of light, are folded flat
and trucked away. A three-time loser yanks
the Wheel of Fortune off the wall. Mice
pick through the garbage by the popcorn stand.
A drunken giant falls asleep beside
the juggler, and the Dog-Faced Boy sneaks off
to join the Serpent Lady for the night.
Wind sweeps ticket stubs along the walk.
The Dead Man loads his coffin on a truck.
Off in a trailer by the parking lot
the radio predicts tomorrow's weather
while a clown stares in a dressing mirror,
takes out a box, and peels away his face.

--from Daily Horoscope, 1986


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