The Dove in Spring


"The Dove in Spring" is the fifth poem and song in Ned Rorem's Last Poems of Wallace Stevens. "The Dove in Spring" is written for soprano, cello, and piano.

The Dove in Spring
by Wallace Stevens

Brooder, brooder, deep beneath its walls--
A small howling of the dove
Makes something of the little there,

The little and the dark, and that
In which it is and that in which
It is established. There the dove

Makes this small howling, like a thought
That howls in the mind or like a man
Who keeps seeking out his identity

In that which is and is established...It howls
Of the great sizes of an outer bush
And the great misery of the doubt of it,

Of stripes of silver that are strips
Like slits across a space, a place
And state of being large and light.

There is this bubbling before the sun,
This howling at one's ear, too far
For daylight and too near for sleep.

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