Will o' the Wisp

"Will o' the Wisp" is a song with music by Charles Gilbert Spross and text by Torrence Benjamin. The song was a favorite encore of the soprano Marian Anderson.

Date: 1909Composer: Charles Gilbert SprossText: Torrence Benjamin

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Will o’ the Wisp
by Torrence Benjamin

Will-o’-the-wisp with your dancing light,
Where do you wander into the night?
Where will you lead, if I keep you in sight?
Will-o’-the-wisp, will your lantern illumine for me
A fairy ring ‘neath a forest tree?
Or will you beckon me down to the sea?
Will-o’-the-wisp, the wise people say,
Who follows your lead goes far astray,
And never again sees the light of day.
Will-o’-the-wisp, though you are swift as the flying wind,
The treasures you seek, I too, will find,
So come! so come! Let us leave the world far behind.
Will-o’-the-wisp, come, Will-o’-the-wisp, come, O come!

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