"To-Morrow" is the fifth song in Frank Lewin's Variations of Greek Themes.

It follows the instrumental "Dance," which is built on four measures from a Greek folk song reiterated over a slowly shifting drone. As each instrument takes up the phrase, it modifies the scale in a slightly different way. The characteristic 7/8, in which the dance starts, gradually disintegrates, and then contracts to 5/8. The dance music shrivels to a murmuring ostinato that becomes the backdrop to the voice in "To-Morrow."

Date: 1977Composer: Frank LewinText: Edwin Arlington RobinsonSong Collection: Variations of Greek Themes

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To-Morrow (Macedonius)
by Edwin Arlington Robinson

To-Morrow? Then your one word left is always now the same;t
And that’s a word that names a day that has no more a name.
To-morrow, I have learned at last, is all you have to give:t
The rest will be another’s now, as long as I may live.t
You will see me in the evening?—And what evening has there been,t
Since time began with women, but old age and wrinkled skin?



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