The Darker Sooner

"The Darker Sooner" is a song by Scott Wheeler setting the poetry of Catherine Wing.

Date: 2010Composer: Scott WheelerText: Catherine Wing

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The Darker Sooner
by Catherine Wing

Then came the darker sooner,
came the later lower.
We were no longer a sweeter-here
happily-ever-after. We were after ever.
We were farther and further.
More was the word we used for harder.
Lost was our standard-bearer.
Our gods were fallen faster,
and fallen larger.
The day was duller, duller
was disaster. Our charge was error.
Instead of leader we had louder,
instead of lover, never. And over this river
broke the winter’s black weather.

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The Darker Sooner

Composer(s): Scott Wheeler

Song(s): The Darker Sooner

Voice Type: Medium High

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