Sweet Suffolk Owl

"Sweet Suffolk Owl" was written June 5, 1979 in New York City and is included in Eight Songs, published by Boosey & Hawkes, 1981. It is dedicated to Paul Sperry, who commissioned the song. It is part of the group that includes "Isaac Greentree" and "I Do".

--Esther Jane Hardenbergh

Date: 1979Composer: Richard Hundley

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Sweet Suffolk Owl
Anonymous, attributed to Thomas Vautor

Sweet Suffolk Owl, so trimly dight
With feathers like a lady bright,
Thou singest alone, sitting by night,
Te whit, te whoo! Te whit, te whoo!

The note, that forth so freely rolls,
With shrill command the mouse controls;
And sings a dirge for dying souls,
Te whit, te whoo! Te whit, te whoo!

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Eight Songs

Composer(s): Richard Hundley

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