The Sky Ship, Op. 9, no. 3

"The Sky Ship" is the third song in Lang's Opus 9 songs of 1892. The set also includes the song "Betrayed" (no. 4).

Date: 1892Composer: Margaret Ruthven LangText: Frank Dempster Sherman

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The Sky-Ship
by Frank Dempster Sherman

In the soft wind that blows,
Yon* cloud-ship of the sky
Spreads its white sail and throws
A shadow where I lie.

And with my dream is blent
A breath of spice and gums
Out of the Orient
Betraying whence it comes.

Unto a land remote
To fill its rich bazaars
Sails this Arabian boat
Amid the island stars.

And in yon harbor calm
Of Heaven’s ocean blue,
Empties her freight of palm–
The twilight’s silver** dew!

* Lang changes “Yon” to “You”
**Lang changes “silver” to “fragrant”



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