Madam and the Minister

"Madam and the Minister" is the second song of Siegmeister's Madam To You cycle, which sets seven texts of Langston Hughes.

Date: 1964Composer: Elie SiegmeisterText: Langston HughesSong Collection: Madam To You

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Madam and the Minister
by Langston Hughes

Reverend Butler came by
My house last week.
He said, Have you got
A little time to speak?

He said, I am interested
In your soul.
Has it been saved,
Or is your heart stone-cold?

I said, Reverend,
I’ll have you know
I was baptized
Long ago.

He said, What have you
Done since then?
I said, None of your
Business, friend.

He said, Sister
Have you back-slid?
I said, It felt good–
If I did!

He said, Sister,
Come time to die,
The Lord will surely
Ask you why!
I’m gonna pray
For you!

I felt kinder sorry
I talked that way
After Rev. Butler
Went away–
So I ain’t in no mood
For sin today.

–The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes, p. 307

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Madam To You

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