The Little Horses

"The Little Horses" is a traditional Anglo-American song. Please click on the link below to learn more about the traditions of "The Little Horses" from Mrs. Kate Jones, recorded in Houston by folk song archivist Alan Lomax. The recording was made sometime in the 1930s.

Mrs. Kate Jones says:

"This song was taught us by my old black nanny. She came from Virginia originally. She nursed all of my mother’s brothers and sisters, and then all of my brothers and sisters..."

"The Little Horses" later became a part of Aaron Copland's Old American Songs, Set 2.

Date: 1930

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The Little Horses

Hush and bye, don’t you cry,
Don’t you cry, little baby.
You shall have, you shall have,
You shall have, little baby:
A coach and six, a coach and six,
A coach and six little horses.
A black and a bay, a brown and a gray,
All for the pretty little baby.

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