Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afternoon: from Ozark Set is the fifth song from Elie Siegmeister's song cycle American legends: six songs for voice and piano and sets Leo Paris' poetry to music.

Date: 1947Composer: Elie SiegmeisterSong Collection: American legends: six songs for voice and piano

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“Lazy Afternoon”

by Leo Paris


It’s a lazy afternoon; 

Feel like singin’ a lazy tune, 

With the grass for my bed, 

And a plum tree shady overhead. 

But the barley’s not yet in; 

I hear tell it should’ve been, 

And I’ve no call to lie here dreaming 

on a lazy afternoon. 

There’s a bee comes buzzin’ by; 

Got his chores, and so have I: 

Heard a song about the bee, 

Says that busy little bug might be me! 

Gettin’ honey, sun to sun, 

‘Til the honey harvest’s done.

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