In Confidence (op. 44, no. 2)

"In Confidence" is the second song of Henry Hadley's song grouping Five Songs, Op. 44. The poem is by an anonymous author.

Date: 1909Composer: Henry HadleyText: AnonymousSong Collection: Five Songs, Op. 44

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In Confidence

The sea heard, the deep sad sea
Throbb’d with one bitter secret more
But set no murm’ring rumor free,
By wind or bird to cave or shore

The stars saw but no trembling star
Of all the wild bewitching train
Has ever whisper’d from afar
The story of the hopeless pain

The night heard: but the silent night
Unveils no tears: betrays no sighs
She wraps away from sound and sight
Despairing hearts and watching eyes

What if the night and stars and sea
Should but for once their pledge forget
And softly breathe alone to thee
She loved thee then
She loves thee yet

And softly breathe alone to thee
She loved thee then, she loves thee yet

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Five Songs, Op. 44

Composer(s): Henry Hadley

Song(s): 1. The Face of All the World Has Changed (op. 44, no. 1)
2. In Confidence (op. 44, no. 2)
3. I Heard a Maid With Her Guitar (op. 44, no. 3)
4. The Year's at the Spring (op. 44, no. 4)
5. Come What Will, You are Mine To-day" (op. 44, no. 5)

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