The first song in the cycle, originally commissioned for Carl A. Alexander and theVoic(ed) Project Chicago, Illinois; April 2018

For Voice, Cello, and Piano

Date: 2018Composer: Jasmine BarnesText: Jasmine BarnesSong Collection: Songs for the African Violet

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She is home.

She is familiar.

Her skin is a reflection of the homeland

Brown like the soil,

Brown like the clay

Brown like the Earth but much richer much richer!

Her presence is the essence you crave

when you have gone

when you’ve wandered so far from home

She is the bearer of all mankind.

Her womb has carried humanity.

Her back has felt the pain of the world

Her eyes have cried the sorrow and pain of her ancestors!

She is the foundation of your being,

She birthed generations and they hate her..

But She’s still strong,

But She still grows,

But yet She’s radiant,

She is Home!

Sheet Music

Songs for the African Violet

Composer(s): Jasmine Barnes

Song(s): Home, Is it Fair?, Flowers, Crowned

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