He's Gone Away

"He's Gone Away" is the second song of Jake Heggie's song set Three Folk Songs. It is a traditional song from North Carolina.

Date: 1994Composer: Jake HeggieSong Collection: Three Folk Songs

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He’s Gone Away
Traditional Folk Song

I’m goin’ away for to stay a little while,
But I’m comin’ back if I go ten thousand miles.
Oh, who will tie your shoes ?
And who will glove your hands?
And who will kiss your ruby lips when I am gone?

Look away, look away over Yandro…

You’ve gone away for to stay for a little while,
But you’re comin’ back if you go ten thousand miles.
Oh, it’s Papa who’ll tie my shoe,
And Mama will glove my hand,
And you will kiss my ruby lips when you come back!
When you come back…

Look away, look away over Yandro…

Sheet Music

The Faces of Love (Book 3)

Composer(s): Jake Heggie

Song(s): 1. Barb'ry Allen
2. He's Gone Away
3. The Leather-Winged Bat

Voice Type: Medium

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