Forget-Me-Nots (op. 135, no. 5)

"Forget-Me-Nots" is the final song of Lowell Liebermann's song cycle Five Songs on Poems of Jean Starr Untermeyer,, op. 135.

Date: 2019Composer: Lowell LiebermannText: Jean Starr UntermeyerSong Collection: Five Songs on Poems of Jean Starr Untermeyer, op. 135

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By Jean Starr Untermeyer


We walked through garden closes

Languidly, with dragging Sunday feet,

And passed down a long pleached alley,

And could remember, as one remembers in a fairy tale,

Ladies in brocade, and lovers, and musk.

We surprised tall dahlias

That shrugged and turned scarlet faces to the breeze.


Further still we sauntered under old trees that bended with such a dignity

But hardly acknowledged our passing

Until at last—(and it was like a gift,

A treasure lifted from a dream of the past)

We came to a pond banded in lindens.


The bank curved under its crown of forget-me-nots;

They shone like blue jewels from the further shore.

And they were free! I could have had them all

To gather and to carry in my arms!

But I took only a few,

Seven blue gems,

To set in the gold of my memory.

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