Eleven Songs For Voice and Piano, Op. 26

Song Collection

Eleven Songs For Voice and Piano, Op. 26 is a song cycle by Arthur Foote, published in 1892. The music is reprinted by Masters Music Publications and is available through Classical Vocal Reprints as Songs by Arthur Foote, Op. 26.

Date: 1982Composer: Arthur FooteText: Rudyard Kipling, Robert Herrick

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Songs in This Collection

1. “Sleep, baby, sleep” (from the German by Elizabeth Prentiss)
2. “Love me, if I live!” (poem by Barry Cornwall)
3. “The night has a thousand eyes” (poem by Francis W. Bourdillon)
4. “The Eden-Rose” (excerpt from Rudyard Kipling’s “Mrs. Hauksbee sits out”)
5. “Summer longings” (poem by Denis Florence McCarthy)
6. “To blossoms” (poem by Robert Herrick)
7. “I arise from dreams of thee” (Lines to an Indian air, poem by Shelley)
8. “A ditty” (poem by Sir Philip Sidney)
9. “In a bower” (poem by Louise Chandler Moulton)
10. “The water-lily” (Geibel’s “Stille Wasserrose,” trans. by L.C.)
11. “How long, dear love?” (poem by Louise Chandler Moulton)


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Eleven Songs For Voice and Piano, Op. 26

Composer(s): Arthur Foote

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