The Crying of Water

"The Crying of Water" is the third song of Louis Campbell-Tipton's song cycle Four Sea Lyrics. The song cycle sets the poetry of Arthur Symons.

Date: 1914Composer: Louis Campbell-TiptonText: Arthur SymonsSong Collection: Four Sea Lyrics

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The Crying of Water
by Arthur Symons

O Water, voice of my heart,
Crying in the sand,
All night long crying
with mournful cry.
As I lie and listen,
and cannot understand
The voice of my heart in my side,
or the voice of the sea.
O water, water,
crying for rest,
Is it I? is it I?
All night long
The water is crying to me.

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Four Sea Lyrics

Composer(s): Louis Campbell-Tipton

Song(s): 1. After Sunset
2. Darkness
3. The Crying of Water
4. Requies

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G. Schirmer: "The Crying of Water"

Composer(s): Louis Campbell-Tipton

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