The fourth song in the cycle, originally commissioned for Carl A. Alexander and theVoic(ed) Project Chicago, Illinois; April 2018

For Voice, Cello, and Piano

Date: 2018Composer: Jasmine BarnesText: Jasmine BarnesSong Collection: Songs for the African Violet

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She stares in the mirror,

eyes filled with wishful thinking,

hoping and wishing,

her hair would detangle itself.

Worn with the pressures of society!

“Straighten it!”

”Hide your hair!”

No place to go,

head held low,

heart filled with despair.

She doesn’t know her hair sits high, because it is a Crown!

Let your hair defy gravity!

A Crown!

You’ve been Crowned by God Himself!

Your Crown won’t flop, ‘less you make it flop!

Your Crown won’t break, ‘less you break it!

When You’ve been Crownded by God Himself,

there’s no way no man can take it!

You were born into royalty,

and then told you’re a slave,

but one thing I know for certain dear

is that they can’t take your crown away!

No they can’t take your Crown away!

Sheet Music

Songs for the African Violet

Composer(s): Jasmine Barnes

Song(s): Home, Is it Fair?, Flowers, Crowned

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