Candles in the Wilderness

Composer's note:

"'Candles in the Wilderness,' a song arrangement of a choral interlude from the opera The Dreamers, is described by librettist Philip Littell: 'We see the Sonoma Valley settled. Those who stay... those who are lost.. those who move on; the lights of human habitation lit and extinguished...' This arrangement was done for baritone Thomas Hampson, who premiered it in June, 1998."

Date: 1998Composer: David ConteText: Philip Littell

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Candles in the Wilderness
by Philip Littell

Candles in the wilderness, / Here on earth
Stars in the sky. / We are as candles:
What a night! / Dwindling,
tt / Guttering…
Near or far, / Out we go.
Candle light or star light, / As the years go by, my darling,
Both are bright. / To the lastt
ttt / My light I’ll show.
Light my way,
Star and / As long as I have you
Candle. / To light me,
Candle burn. / You to
ttt/ Give me me light
ttt/ As the years go by
ttt/ My darling,
Set the candle / To the last
In the window. / My light I’ll show.
Home and heaven
Both are sure.
ttt/ Darkened window,
New neighbor, / Brighter sky.
Light your lamp! / The countless stars.
More light, new houses, / You and I.
Lights on earth:
Towns and cities,
What a sight!
As many as the stars in heaven,
Here on earth as heaven…
What a sight tonight!

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"Candles in the Wilderness"

Composer(s): David Conte

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