Bowing Adorers of the Gale

"Bowing Adorers of the Gale" is a song by Beverly Benjamin Cole. It is the first in a set of six floral poems by different composers.
The poem "Bowing Adorers of the Gale" was written by John Clare.
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Composer: Beverly Benjamin ColeSong Collection: The Flowers

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Bowing adorers of the gale,
Ye cowslips delicately pale,
Upraise your loaded stems;
Unfold your cups in splendour; speak!
Who decked you with that ruddy streak
And gilt your golden gems?

Violets, sweet tenants of the shade,
In purple’s richest pride arrayed,
Your errand here fulfil;
Go, bid the artist’s simple stain
Your lustre imitate–in vain–
And match your Maker’s skill.

Daisies, ye flowers of lowly birth,
Embroiderers of the carpet earth,
That stud the velvet sod,
Open to Spring’s refreshing air,
In sweetest smiling bloom declare
Your Maker and your God.


Sheet Music

The Flowers

Composer(s): Beverly Benjamin Cole

Song(s): The Violet, Daffodils, The Jasmine, To A Mountain Daisy, Flowers, Bowing Adorers of the Gale

Voice Type: High, Medium, and Low Voice

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