Many are the Voices

Many Americans have had to raise their voices to be recognized or even heard in America. In this program, we hear songs of African Americans and Native Americans; women, immigrants, and war resisters; and voices from the labor movement and the gay rights movement.

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Song Listing

Song listings with composer / poet, performers, CD label, and CD number:

Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing

John Rosamond Johnson

James Weldon Johnson

Record#: New World Records 80399 (Robert Honeysucker, baritone; Videmus chamber ensemble)

Song For a Dark Girl

Hermann Reutter

Langston Hughes

Record#: Orfeo d'Or C707062 (Thomas Hampson, baritone; Malcolm Martineau, piano)

Song Collection: My Dark Hands


John Musto

Langston Hughes

Record#: Albany Records TROY 081 (Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano)

Song Collection: Shadow of the Blues

Inketunga's Thunder Song

Arthur Farwell

Arthur Farwell

Record#: Program 4 & 8: New World Records 80463 (William Parker, baritone; William Huckaby, piano)

Song Collection: Three Indian Songs, Op. 32

The Indians

Charles Ives

Charles Sprague

Record#: Teldec/Warner Classics 2564-60297-2 (Susan Graham, mezzo-soprano; Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano)

The Ballad of Ira Hayes

Peter La Farge

Peter La Farge

Record#: FW 3044 (Pete Seeger, singer and guitar)

Within Thy Heart (op. 29, no. 1)

Amy Marcy Beach

Amy Marcy Beach

Record#: Bridge 9182 (Patrick Mason, baritone; Joanne Polk, piano)

Chinaman, Laundryman

Ruth Crawford Seeger

H. T. Tsiang

Record#: DG 000289 449 9252 6 (Lucy Shelton, soprano; Reinbert de Leeuw, piano)

Song Collection: Two Ricercari

Joe Hill

Earl Robinson

Alfred Hayes

Record#: MCD (or MON) 61580 (Paul Robeson, bass-baritone; Alan Booth, piano)

Joe Worker

Marc Blitzstein

Marc Blitzstein

Record#: BMG 902700 (Audra McDonald, soprano; Steven Tyler, piano)

The Real War Will Never Get in the Books

Ned Rorem

Walt Whitman

Record#: PHCD 116 (Donald Gramm, bass-baritone; Eugene Istomin, piano)

Song Collection: War Scenes

Official Notice

Elie Siegmeister

Langston Hughes

Record#: NWCR814 (Esther Hinds, soprano; Alan Mandel, piano)

Song Collection: The Face of War


Donald Wheelock

Susan Snively

Record#: Harmonia 907602 (William Parker, baritone; Alan Marks, piano)

We Two Boys

Michael Tilson Thomas

Walt Whitman

Record#: EMI 7243 5 55028 2 7 (Thomas Hampson, baritone; Craig Rutenberg, piano)

Song Collection: Whitman Songs

Oh, Freedom

Record#: Rykodisc 1004 (1996 CD) or V.I. Music 450661 (2005 CD) (Odetta, singer)