Hampsong / SongFest Collaboration

By Song of America

The Hampsong Foundation announces a new collaboration with SongFest, a training program for singers focusing on the art of classic song. Since 1996, SongFest founders Rosemary Hyler Ritter and John Steele Ritter have invited composers and teaching artists of the highest caliber to work with students and young professionals on the performance of song, especially American classic song. Through the Hampsong/SongFest collaboration, past materials from SongFest performances, including video and audio recordings of world premiere works by some of the most acclaimed American composers today, will be made available through the Song of America database as well as on the soon-to-be-launched new website of the Hampsong Foundation (www.hampsongfoundation.org). Click on “More” to learn more about SongFest.

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