Alice Meynell

The English writer Alice Meynell, remembered today primarily as a poet, was also an editor and critic, as well as played a key role in the suffragist movement.

Photo: Alice Meynell, public domain

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    Meynell’s poetry has been set by the American composers Amy Marcy Beach, John Duke, and Margaret Ruthven Lang, among others.

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    Sheet Music

    Songs By John Duke, Vol. 1

    Composer(s): John Duke

    Song(s): 1. When the Rose Is Brightest (Nathaniel Parker Willis)
    2. Stopping by Woods on а Snowy Evening (Robert Frost)
    3. The Puritan's Ballad (Elinor Wylie)
    4. Midcentury Love Letter (Phyllis McGinley)
    5. All Beauty Calls You to Me (Sara Teasdale)
    6. Listen, I Love You (Sara Teasdale)
    7. I am so weak а Thing (Sara Teasdale)
    8. All Things in the World Can Rest, But I (Sara Teasdale)
    9. Oh, My Love (Sara Teasdale)
    10. Renouncement (Alice Meynell)
    11. Noonday (Traditional Chinese)
    12. Through Your Window (Traditional Chinese)
    13. The Shoreless Sea (Traditional Chinese)
    14. New Feet within My Garden Go (Emily Dickinson)
    15. The Rose did Caper on Her Cheek (Emily Dickinson)
    16. Have You Got а Brook in Your Little Heart? (Emily Dickinson)
    17. I Taste а Liquor Never Brewed (Emily Dickinson)
    18. The Better Part (George Santayana)

    Voice Type: High

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