The Child's faith is new —


"The Child's faith is new —" is the fourth song in Leo Smit's song cycle Childe Emilie. Childe Emilie is the first of Smit's six song cycles setting the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

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The Child's faith is new — (poem 637)
by Emily Dickinson

The Child's faith is new —
Whole — like His Principle —
Wide — like the Sunrise
On fresh Eyes —
Never had a Doubt —
Laughs — at a Scruple —
Believes all sham
But Paradise —

Credits the World —
Deems His Dominion
Broadest of Sovereignties —
And Caesar — mean —
In the Comparison —
Baseless Emperor —
Ruler of Nought —
Yet swaying all —

Grown bye and bye
To hold mistaken
His pretty estimates
Of Prickly Things
He gains the skill
Sorrowful — as certain —
Men — to anticipate
Instead of Kings —


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