Want to learn more about how you can use Song of America in your own life, and with your students? Check out our video "Song of America: Telling the Story of American Culture"!

Song of America: Telling the Story of American Culture is a production of The Hampsong Foundation. It was produced by Miriam Lewin of Lavine Production Group, with camera and editing by Randi Cecchine. Our thanks to singers Catherine Swindle, Nita Baxani, and Justin Austin; pianist and composer Richard Pearson Thomas; the Stephen Gaynor School in New York City; and the staff at Teachers College, Columbia University.


We invite performers, educators, and all lovers of song to explore connections between poetry and music, between history and culture, through the work of American composers and poets. Song of America is a database resource where you can listen to songs, read their texts, learn more about them (and the composers, poets, and eras connected to them), find scores, and link to other resources. Major projects within Song of America include the Song of America Radio Series and Song of America For EducatorsSong of America is a project of The Hampsong Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding through the art of song.
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ABOUT THIS SITE Our goal is to build and curate a comprehensive archive of American song that tells the story of our culture and nation, through the eyes of our poets and the ears of our composers. Launched in November 2009, the Song of America database has now grown to include hundreds of composers and poets, and over a thousand songs.
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