The World's Highway

"The World's Highway" is the 90th song in Ives's song collection 114 Songs. The song is also part of Ives's song set Sentimental Ballads.

Date: 1892Composer: Charles IvesText: Charles Ives

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The World’s Highway
by Charles Ives

For long I wander’d happily
Far out on the world’s highway
My heart was brave for each new thing and I loved the far away.

I watch’d the gay bright people dance,
We laughed, for the road was good.
But Oh! I passed where the way was rough
I saw it stained with blood.

I wander’d on till I tired grew,
Far on the world’s highway
My heart was sad for what I saw
I feared, I feared the far away, the far away.

So when one day, O sweetest day,
I came to a garden small,
A voice my heart knew called me in
I answered its blessed call;

I left my wand’ring far and wide
The freedom and far away
But my garden blooms with sweet content
That’s not on the world’s highway.

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Composer(s): Charles Ives

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