The Wind Begun to Rock the Grass

"The Wind Begun to Rock the Grass" is the third song from Caryn Block's song cycle Long, Too Long America. The song cycle is for mezzo-soprano, baritone, and piano.

The audio clip was provided by Caryn Block. The performance took place on January 14, 2012 and was a workshop reading of Long, Too Long America given by The Opera Project at St. Andrew's Church in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Date: 2007Composer: Caryn BlockText: Emily DickinsonSong Collection: Long, Too Long America

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The Wind Begun to Rock the Grass
by Emily Dickinson

The Wind begun to rock the Grass
With threatening Tunes and low,–
He flung a Menace at the Earth,
A menace at the Sky.

The Leaves unhooked themselves from Trees
And started all abroad;
The Dust did scoop itself like Hands
And threw away the Road.

The Wagons quickened on the Streets,
The Thunder hurried slow;
The Lightning showed a Yellow Beak,
And then a livid Claw.

The Birds put up the bars to Nests,
The Cattle fled to Barns;
There came one drop of Giant Rain,
And then, as if the Hands

That held the Dams had parted hold,
The Waters Wrecked the Sky
But overlooked my Father’s House,
Just quartering a Tree.

(Second Version, 1864
Published 1891)

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