Walking in the Rain

"Walking in the Rain" is the second song of John Duke's 1974 song cycle Good Morning: A Cycle of Six Songs For High Voice, which sets the poetry of Mark Van Doren.

The song cycle is published as part of the collection Songs by John Duke, Vol. 3 (Southern Music Company).
The poetry of Good Morning: A Cycle of Six Songs For High Voice is from Van Doren's 1973 volume Good Morning: Last Poems.

Date: 1974Composer: John Woods DukeText: Mark Van DorenSong Collection: Good Morning: Six Songs for High Voice

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Walking in the Rain
by Mark Van Doren

Walking in the rain
By myself all alone,
Without anybody here
To notice where I go,
Without any worry
Over when to start home,

Walking in the rain
With the cool coming at me
Like an old friend, softly,
Like–maybe–a lover
Whispering to me, “Hush,
Be still, breathe deep,”

Walking in the rain
By myself all alone
Is having all the warm world
Secretly inside me
ALl the cool while,
All, all the wet way.

Sheet Music

Songs by John Duke, Vol. 3

Composer(s): John Duke

Song(s): 1. Bredon Hill (А.Е. Housman)
2. Reality (Dorothy Duke)
3. Penguin Geometry (Donald Wheelock)
4. Good Morning (Mark Van Doren)
5. Walking in the Rain (Mark Van Doren)
6. Those Great Clouds There (Mark Van Doren)
7. Water that Falls and Runs Away (Mark Van Doren)
8. Listen to Us, the Leaves Say (Mark Van Doren)
9. Merry-go-round (Mark Van Doren)
10. Stillness (Karen Duke)
11. Lovely (Mary L. Fortson)
12. The Sheaves (E.A. Robinson)
13. А Winter Night (Sara Teasdale)
14. The Return from Town (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
15. When, in Disgrace with Fortune (William Shakespeare)
16. Politics (W.B. Yeats)
17. Old Ben Golliday (Mark Van Doren)
18. Tiger! Tiger! (William Blake)
19. She's Somewhere in the Sunlight Strong (Richard LeGallienne)
20. I Lost My Heart (A.E. Housman)
21. The Wind Has Changed (Mark Van Doren)

Voice Type: Mixed Voice, High/Medium

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