Tinted Mountains

Song Collection

Tinted Mountains is the fifth song cycle in Leo Smit's massive song cycle The Ecstatic Pilgrimage. Tinted Mountains is made up of 10 songs.

Date: 1990Composer: Leo SmitText: Emily Dickinson

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The Ecstatic Pilgrimage is comprised of six song cycles, totaling 76 songs. All of the songs set the poetry of Emily Dickinson. The cycle was composed between 1988-1990. Please visit the page for The Ecstatic Pilgrimage for more information.

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–Christie Finn

Song List

1. The Mountain sat upon the Plain | Text: Emily Dickinson
2. The Angle of a Landscape — | Text: Emily Dickinson
3. There’s a certain Slant of light | Text: Emily Dickinson
4. A Light exists in Spring | Text: Emily Dickinson
5. The Mountains stood in Haze — | Text: Emily Dickinson
6. Under the Light, yet under | Text: Emily Dickinson
7. Four Trees — upon a solitary Acre — | Text: Emily Dickinson
8. The Fingers of the Light | Text: Emily Dickinson
9. I see thee better — in the Dark — | Text: Emily Dickinson
10. Image of Light, Adieu — | Text: Emily Dickinson

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