The Cottager to Her Infant

"The Cottager to Her Infant" is the first song in Robert Owens' song cycle Four Motivations for Baritone, op. 21. It sets text by Dorothy Mae Ann Wordsworth.

Date: 1969Composer: Robert OwensSong Collection: Four Motivations for Baritone, op. 21

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“The Cottager to Her Infant”

Text by Dorothy Mae Ann Wordsworth


The days are cold, the nights are long,

The north-wind sings a [doleful] song;

Then hush again upon my breast;

All merry things are now at rest,

Save thee, my pretty Love!


The kitten sleeps upon the hearth,

The crickets long have ceased their mirth;

There’s nothing stirring in the house

Save one wee, hungry, nibbling mouse,

hen why so busy thou?


Nay! start not at that sparkling light;

‘Tis but the moon that shines so bright

[On the window pane bedropped] with rain:

Then, little Darling! sleep again,

And wake when it is day.

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