Six Songs, Op. 27 (Browning Songs)

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Clara Kathleen Rogers' Six Songs, Op. 27 is also known as her Browning Songs because the song group sets six poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning.

Date: 1893Composer: Clara Kathleen Rogers

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The songs represented here are from Rogers’ first series (Op. 27) of Browning Songs. Rogers’ Op. 32 song group is also titled Browning Songs.

1. Out Of My Own Great Woe | Text: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
2. Summum Bonum | Text: Robert Browning
3. Apparitions | Text: Robert Browning
4. Ah, Love, But a Day | Text: Robert Browning
5. I Have a More Than Friend | Text: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
6. The Year’s at the Spring | Text: Robert Browning

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Browning Songs (1st Series Op. 27)

Composer(s): Clara Kathleen Rogers

Voice Type: Medium High

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