Night of all nights

"Night of all nights" is the first song from Gardner Read's Nocturnal visions, op. 145 song cycle. The original text was written by Jesse Stuart, an American regionalist poet and author.

Date: 1985Composer: Gardner ReadSong Collection: Nocturnal visions, op. 145

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“Night of all nights”

by Jesse Stuart


Night of all nights, rich with the wind’s wild laughter!     

Your thick blue skies, fleecelin’d with floating white;     

Night of all nights, your sparkling moonlit water     

Calls me to run and run into the night!     

Music is in the wind that bends the sedge     

Brown on the waste lands where the rabbits play;     

Music is in the wind that cools the ledge     

Where sheep lie down to wait for morning’s dew.     

Over the wastelands to my neck in briers,     

Over the hollows and their swollen creeks,     

And through white streaks of light from stars’ white fires,     

I run on iron legs with wind that speaks!     

Night of all nights, that puts my blood astir     

Like wild blood in the body of the fox,     

I run these hills and ridges anywhere     

Until the sun shines on the pasture rocks!


Gardner Read: The Art of Song

(William Blake, Frances Frost, James Joyce, Gardner Read, Henry Russell, Rabindranath Tagore and Jean Starr Untermeyer)


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Nocturnal visions, op. 145

Composer(s): Gardner Read

Song(s): Night of all nights, The First jasmines, & I hear an army

Voice Type: Baritone

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