My Garden

"My Garden" sets the text of Philip Bourke Marston, an English poet whose fame in America far exceeded his fame in England.

Composer: Margaret Ruthven LangText: Philip Bourke Marston

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My Garden
by Philip Bourke Marston

Oh my garden full of roses,
Red as passion and as sweet,
Failing not when summer closes,
Lasting on through cold* and heat:

Oh my garden full of lilies,
White as peace, and very tall,
In your midst my heart so still is
It could hear the last leaf fall:**

Oh my garden full of singing,
From the birds that house therein–
Sweet notes down the sweet day ringing
Till the nightingales begin:

Oh my garden where such shade is,
Oh my garden, bright with sun,–
Oh my loveliest of ladies,
Of my gardens, sweetest one!

* snow (Lang)
** I can hear the least leaf fall (Lang)



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