Mother Dear

In "Mother Dear," Carrie Collins sets her own poetry to music. She self-published the song in 1973.

Date: 1973Composer: Carrie Beatrice Holloway CollinsText: Carrie Beatrice Holloway Collins

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Mothers are so dear
as they work and watch us all
grow up and linger near
to live on and give the world
a chance to know the worth
of the blessings that she gave to us

So we come today
to give honor and praise
to a lady of great charm
for the love and kindness
that was shown down through the years
as we grew and grew along the way

Hope shines in her eyes to help us reach and find our peak
Faith in us prevails to send us on and never fail

You are a fair rose
and a glittering gem
And your words are like a verse
that can never hush
for your life reflects the truth
that inspired this generation’s youth

We love you mother dear


Source: Carrie B. H. Collins collection, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado, Boulder.

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