Mist (op. 135, no. 4)

"Mist" is the fourth song of Lowell Liebermann's song cycle Five Songs on Poems of Jean Starr Untermeyer,, op. 135.

Date: 2019Composer: Lowell LiebermannText: Jean Starr UntermeyerSong Collection: Five Songs on Poems of Jean Starr Untermeyer, op. 135

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By Jean Starr Untermeyer


There is a mist over this lake.

It shrouds the colors and the sounds as well;

It is wrapped over the hills like a strong veil

It blurs the patterns that the pine-trees make, lace- woven over the sky.


Old Sun, you can not pierce it;

As I look at you, you seem no more than a brightly- cloudy glass sphere.

Little birds, your chirring is dull…

A cow-bell, clanking in the woods,

Has the muffled music of minor thirds.


Oh mist, you have lessened everything.

Even my longing is choked within my breast;

I can find no song for it.

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