Lullaby for a Man-Child

Lullaby for a Man-Child is the third song from Winifred Hyson's Songs of Job's Daughter song cycle with original text by Jean Starr Untermeyer.

Text: Jean Starr UntermeyerSong Collection: Songs of Job's Daughter

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Lullaby for a Man-Child

By Jean Starr Untermeyer


The mountains waver through my tears,

Hush, my son

The trees are bending at the knees

Like women broken by the years.

But you, my child, need have no fears;

Only for Woman, love has spears.

Sleep, my son.

So cuddle closer to my heart.

Dream, my son

Tis strange to think that you find peace

Here, where all stormy passions start.

But you need fear no ache or smart

The pain is always woman s part.

Sleep, my son.


Up Toward the Sky

(Amy Marcy Beach, William Ernest Henley, Richard Hundley, Marianne Moore, James Purdy, Edward Rowland Sill, Gertrude Stein, Sara Teasdale and Virgil Thomson)


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