Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee

"Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee" is a song by Undine Smith Moore setting a translation of the ancient Greek poet Sappho, "Rendered by Bliss Carmen / Based on the prose translation of H. T. Wharton." The dedication of the song says: "for Jewel and Leon Thompson." This song was first performed at the wedding of Jewell and Leon Taylor Thompson on June 10, 1961.

Date: 1961Composer: Undine Smith MooreText: Sappho

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Love let the wind cry
On the dark mountain,
Bending the ash trees
And the tall hemlocks
With the great voice of
Thunderous legions,
How I adore thee.

Let the hoarse torrent
In the blue canyon,
Murmuring mightily
Out of the gray mist
Of primal chaos
Cease not proclaiming
How I adore thee.

Let the long rhythm
Of crunching rollers,
Breaking and bursting
On the white seaboard
Titan and tireless,
Tell, while the world stands,
How I adore thee.

Love, let the clear call
Of the tree cricket,
Frailest of creatures,
Green as the young grass,
Mark with his trilling
Resonant bell-note,
How I adore thee.

Let the glad lark-song
Over the meadow,
That melting lyric
Of molten silver,
Be for a signal
To listening mortals,
How I adore thee.

But, more than all sounds,
Surer, serener,
Fuller of passion
And exultation,
Let the hushed whisper
In thine own heart say,
How I adore thee.

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Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee

Composer(s): Undine Smith Moore

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