The Lordly Hudson

"The Lordly Hudson" sets the text of Paul Goodman. The song was composed by Ned Rorem in 1947, and an orchestral version was composed in 2007.

Date: 1947Composer: Ned RoremText: Paul Goodman

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    The Lordly Hudson
    by Paul Goodman

    “Driver, what stream is it?”
    I asked, well knowing
    it was our lordly Hudson
    hardly flowing.

    “It is our lordly Hudson
    hardly flowing,” he said,
    “under the green-grown cliffs.”

    Be still, heart!
    No one needs
    your passionate suffrage
    to select this glory–
    this is our lordly Hudson
    hardly flowing
    under the green-grown cliffs.

    “Driver has this a peer
    in Europe or the East?”

    “No, no!” He said.
    Home! Home!
    Be quiet, heart!
    This is our lordly Hudson
    and has no peer
    in Europe or the East;
    this is our lordly Hudson
    hardly flowing
    under the green-grown cliffs
    and has no peer
    in Europe or the East;
    be quiet, heart!
    Home! Home!


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    Voice Type: High & Medium/Low

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