Is it Fair?

The second song in the cycle, originally commissioned for Carl A. Alexander and theVoic(ed) Project Chicago, Illinois; April 2018

For Voice, Cello, and Piano

Date: 2018Composer: Jasmine BarnesText: Jasmine BarnesSong Collection: Songs for the African Violet

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Is it Fair?

Is it fair that the lack of fair skin defines the way She navigates through life?

Is it Fair?

That the color of her skin means attitude and not assertiveness?

Is it Fair?

She’s in a cycle and a system that reduces her to only stereotypes!

Is it Fair?

She hides who she is just to make You feel comfortable!

Is it Fair?

No! It isn’t!



Sheet Music

Songs for the African Violet

Composer(s): Jasmine Barnes

Song(s): Home, Is it Fair?, Flowers, Crowned

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