I know some lonely Houses off the road

"I know some lonely Houses off the road" is the third song of George Perle's Thirteen Dickinson Songs.

Date: 1978Composer: George PerleText: Emily DickinsonSong Collection: Thirteen Dickinson Songs

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I know some lonely Houses off the road
by Emily Dickinson

I know some lonely Houses off the Road
A Robber’d like the look of —
Wooden barred,
And Windows hanging low,
Inviting to —
A Portico,
Where two could creep —
One — hand the Tools —
The other peep —
To make sure All’s Asleep —
Old fashioned eyes —
Not easy to surprise!

How orderly the Kitchen’d look, by night,
With just a Clock —
But they could gag the Tick —
And Mice won’t bark —
And so the Walls — don’t tell —
None — will —

A pair of Spectacles ajar just stir —
An Almanac’s aware —
Was it the Mat — winked,
Or a Nervous Star?
The Moon — slides down the stair,
To see who’s there!

There’s plunder — where —
Tankard, or Spoon —
Earring — or Stone —
A Watch — Some Ancient Brooch
To match the Grandmama —
Staid sleeping — there —

Day — rattles — too
Stealth’s — slow —
The Sun has got as far
As the third Sycamore —
Screams Chanticleer
“Who’s there”?

And Echoes — Trains away,
Sneer — “Where”!
While the old Couple, just astir,
Fancy the Sunrise — left the door ajar!

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Thirteen Dickinson Songs

Composer(s): George Perle

Song(s): 1. Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower
2. I Like to see it lap the miles
3. I know some lonely Houses off the road
4. There came a Wind like a Bugle
5. Beauty—be not caused—It is
6. The Wind—tapped like a tired Man
7. These are the days when Birds come back
8. The Heart asks—Pleasure first
9. What if I say I shall not wait!
10. If I’m lost—now
11. The Loneliness One dare not sound
12. Under the Light, yet under
13. She bore it till the simple veins

Voice Type: Soprano

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