Half-Minute Songs

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Jacobs-Bond published her collection of Half-Minute Songs in 1911 after she had started her own publishing company, Carrie Jacobs-Bond & Son. All of the songs set short, witty texts by Carrie Jacobs-Bond herself.

Date: 1911Composer: Carrie Jacobs-BondText: Carrie Jacobs-Bond

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A collection of 12 of her Half-Minute Songs is available through Classical Vocal Repertoire at Classical Vocal Repertoire in their Catalog of Publications.

About 100 years later, Jacobs-Bond’s Half-Minute Songs inspired composerWilliam Bolcom to compose his song cycle Minicabs (2010).


Sheet Music

Half-Minute Songs

Composer(s): Carrie Jacobs-Bond

Song(s): 1. Making the Best of It
2. First Ask Yourself
3. To Understand
4. How to Find Success
5. The Pleasure of Giving
6. Answer the First Rap
7. A Good Exercise
8. A Present from Yourself
9. Now and Then
10. When They Say the Unkind Things
11. Keep Awake
12. Doan' Yo' Lis'n

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