Flowers of Darkness

"Flowers of Darkness" is the first song in Dorothy Rudd Moore's song cycle for tenor and piano  Flowers of Darkness.

Date: 1990Composer: Dorothy Rudd MooreText: Frank Marshall DavisSong Collection: Flowers of Darkness

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Flowers of Darkness
by Frank Marshall Davis

Slowly the night blooms, unfurling
Flowers of darkness, covering
The trellised sky, becoming
A bouquet of blackness
Touched with sprigs
Of pale and budding stars

Soft the night smell
Among April trees
Soft and richly rare
Yet commonplace
Perfume on a cosmic scale

I turn to you Mary Lou
I see the flowering night
Cameo condensed
Into the lone black rose
Of your face
The young woman-smell
Of your poppy body
Rises to my brain as opium

Yet silently motionless
I sit with twitching fingers
Yea, even reverently
Sit I
With you and the blossoming night
For what flower, plucked
Lingers long?

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Flowers of Darkness

Composer(s): Dorothy Rudd Moore

Voice Type: tenor

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