The face I carry with me — last —

"The face I carry with me — last —" is the fourteenth song in Leo Smit's song cycle The Marigold Heart. The Marigold Heart is the third of Smit's six song cycles setting the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

For more information about Leo Smit's Emily Dickinson song cycles, please visit the pages for The Ecstatic Pilgrimage and Leo Smit.

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Date: 1990Composer: Leo SmitText: Emily DickinsonSong Collection: The Marigold Heart

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The face I carry with me — last — (poem 336)
by Emily Dickinson

The face I carry with me — last —
When I go out of Time —
To take my Rank — by — in the West —
That face — will just be thine —

I’ll hand it to the Angel —
That — Sir — was my Degree —
In Kingdoms — you have heard the Raised —
Refer to — possibly.

He’ll take it — scan it — step aside —
Return — with such a crown
As Gabriel — never capered at —
And beg me put it on —

And then — he’ll turn me round and round —
To an admiring sky —
As one that bore her Master’s name —
Sufficient Royalty!

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