By the Pool

"By the Pool" is the second song of Irene Britton Smith's Dream Cycle, which sets the text of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Date: 1947Composer: Irene Britton SmithText: Paul Laurence DunbarSong Collection: Dream Cycle

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“By the Pool”
Text by Paul Laurence Dunbar

By the pool that I see in my dreams, dear love,
I have sat with you time and again;
And listened beneath the dank leaves, dear love,
To the sibilant sound of the rain.

And the pool, it is silvery bright, dear love,
And as pure as the heart of a maid,
As sparkling and dimpling, it darkles and shines
In the depths of the heart of the glade.

But, oh, I’ ve a wish in my soul, dear love,
(The wish of a dreamer, it seems,)
That I might wash free of my sins, dear love,
In the pool that I see in my dreams.

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