"Benediction" is the third song in the cycle Threnody by Zenobia Powell Perry with poetry by Donald Jeffrey Hayes.

Date: 1972Composer: Zenobia Powell PerryText: Donald Jeffrey HayesSong Collection: Threnody

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Not with my hands
But with my heart I bless you:
May peace forever dwell
Within your breast!

May Truth’s white light
Move with you and possess you—
And may your thoughts and words
Wear her bright crest!

May Time move down
Its endless path of beauty
Conscious of you
And better for your being!

Spring after Spring
Array itself in splendor
Seeking the favor
Of your sentient seeing!

May hills lean toward you
Hills and windswept mountains
And trees be happy
That have seen you pass—

Your eyes dark kinsmen
To the stars above you—
Your feet remembered
By the blades of grass. . . . !

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