As Imperceptibly as grief

"As Imperceptibly as grief" is the first song of André Previn's Three Dickinson Songs.

Date: 1999Composer: André PrevinText: Emily DickinsonSong Collection: Three Dickinson Songs

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As imperceptibly as grief
by Emily Dickinson

As imperceptibly as grieft
The summer lapsed away,—t
Too imperceptible, at last,t
To seem like perfidy.t

A quietness distilled,t
As twilight long begun,t
Or Nature, spending with herselft
Sequestered afternoon.t

The dusk drew earlier in,t
The morning foreign shone,—t
A courteous, yet harrowing grace,t
As guest who would be gone.t

And thus, without a wing,t
Or service of a keel,t
Our summer made her light escapet
Into the beautiful.t

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Three Dickinson Songs

Composer(s): André Previn

Song(s): 1. As Imperceptibly as grief
2. Will there really be a morning?
3. Good Morning, Midnight

Voice Type: Soprano

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